February 5, 2016

Lawyer wants tape excluded in River Falls murder case

A River Falls murder defendant’s lawyer wants a taped interview withheld from jurors.

A judge will decide next month whether a jury will be allowed to hear a three-and-a-half hour police interview with Aaron Schaffhausen. He’s accused of killing his three daughters at his ex-wife’s home in River Falls on July 10th. At a hearing Monday, his defense lawyer argued the tape should not be presented at the trial, scheduled for April.

River Falls Police Investigator Charles Golden testified that Schaffhausen didn’t ask for a lawyer until three hours into the interview. When asked if police should be looking for other suspects, Golden said Schaffhausen indicated ‘no’ with a nod of his head.

Defense lawyer, John Kucinski said he’s still considering an insanity plea for Schaffhausen on three counts of homicide and one of arson. The judge has given him until December 14th to decide on an insanity plea.

Dan Lea, WAYY

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