February 14, 2016

New Year could see $3 gas

Gas could dip below three dollars a gallon in 2013. Prices nationwide have beem dropping since about the middle of September. As of Friday, the average price for a gallon of regular gasoline was $3.22 in Wisconsin. “There are stations in the state that are selling gasoline belore three dollars a gallon,” said Pam Moen with AAA- Wisconsin. She said a number of reports of $3.00 gas have come from southeastern Wisconsin, and some retailers in western Wisconsin are also offering cheap gas. “I is happening. We’ve actually seen prices dropping consistently across the country since about the middle of September.”

“The last time we saw prices below three dollars was just before Christmas in 2010,” said Moen. Moen says southeastern Wisconsin motorists are catching a break, as the “reformulated” gasoline sold there is currently cheaper than the conventional gasoline sold in the rest of the state, which is the opposite of what’s usually the case.


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