February 7, 2016

Not guilty plea in dog torture case

The woman accused of poisoning and stabbing her boyfriend’s dog last summer has pleaded not guilty to the charges. Sean D. Janas of Wausau is charged with mistreatment of animals, exposing a domestic animal to a poisonous substance, and obstructing an officer.

Prosecutors say kept a detailed diary with entries about how she forced the lab-shepherd mix to ingest bleach and drain cleaner, and got pleasure from watching the animal suffer. The dog named Mary died June 4th.

This case has brought animal lovers out in support of stronger penalties for abuse, and efforts to seek the maximum possible penalties for Janas if convicted. Prosecutor Lamont Jacobson says the Marathon County D.A.’s office has received 10,000 emails regarding the case.

Sean Janas is currently jailed on a $2,500 dollar cash bond. If convicted, she could get five years in prison and over $30,000 in fines. Attorneys for both sides will work out future court appearances during a scheduling meeting later this week. 

Raymond Neupert-WSAU

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