February 8, 2016

Not guilty plea in Weston murder case

A Minnesota man charged with murdering his girlfriend in Weston on October 13th has entered a not guilty plea. Attorneys for 21 year-old Richi Vue asked for more time for motions at his arraignment Thursday, including a motion to suppress statements he made to the police at the time of his arrest.

Vue, who’s from St. Paul, is accused of shooting 20 year-old Lee Xiong in a Weston apartment. Reports in the criminal complaint state that Vue and Xiong were dealing methamphetamine out of the apartment, and that a dispute over a drug deal lead to the shooting.

The attack came in a family apartment, and a 14 year old girl witnessed the shooting. She was the one to make the initial calls to police to start the investigation. Vue remains in jail on a million dollars bond.


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