February 13, 2016

Walker still focused on jobs pledge

It’s been two years since Governor Scott Walker took office, and he has a lot of ground to make up if he wants to meet his pledge of creating 250,000 jobs during his four year term.

As of November, the Department of Workforce Development shows the state had added about 37,000 jobs since Walker took office. The number reflects only about 15-percent of the governor’s goal.

Walker puts some of the blame for the slow start on factors such as the recalls, the fiscal cliff, and the impact of federal health care reforms.

AUDIO: Gov. Scott Walker (:18)

The governor says that, while those reasons could be seen a reasonable excuse for backing away from his pledge, he’s not going to because of the 250,000 families who would benefit by the state still managing to hit his goal. Walker says he’s going to be more aggressive about job creation over the next two years and stay focused on doing what can be done to close the gap.

Mike Kemmeter, WHBY

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