February 14, 2016

Lassa scolds over Skyward decision

A central Wisconsin legislator scolded her colleagues after the vote on the mining bill for “picking winners and losers” when it comes to job creation.  Stevens Point Senator Julie Lassa was recognized to speak after the mining vote and before adjournment.

The Democrat blasted the Department of Public Instruction, the Department of Administration, and her fellow legislators for allowing the recent process selecting a single student information software provider from out-of-state.

She said, “We’ve chosen today to make a winner out of a West Virginia coal mining company, when at the same time, we have a Wisconsin company who’s ready and willing to create 600 good paying, family supporting jobs within the next ten years in our state, and we’re closing the door on them, and I think it’s shameful.” Lassa added, “You talk about bringing jobs to the State of Wisconsin and welcoming in this company from West Virginia, you have forgotten about the businesses that made Wisconsin strong.”

Stevens Point based Skyward lost its bid for the statewide contract early this month to Infinite Campus from Blaine Minnesota. Skyward has filed an appeal and formal protest claiming they were not scored properly during the state’s evaluation.

Larry Lee, WSAU

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