February 7, 2016

The NCAA has lost their mind (Commentary)

Big Ten Conference athletic directors and football coaches have reservations about loosened NCAA recruiting rules that would allow unlimited contact between recruiters and high school players.

The NCAA Board of Directors in January approved rulebook revisions that, among other things, remove limits on the number of phone calls and text messages to prospective recruits.  The eased restrictions are set to begin July 1, unless of course the NCAA comes to its senses.

If your son or daughter is a potential division 1 athlete, beginning July 1, they can be contacted by phone, text, e-mail and even snail mail an unlimited number of times.  And if your son or daughter is really good, the number of inquiries will come at an alarming rate.

How is one supposed to concentrate on their game, their studies, their family and what ever else they consider important.

Has the NCAA gone mad?  Are they throwing in the towel because it’s too difficult to keep up with the cheaters, so why not make cheating legal.

High School coaches are worried their players will be overwhelmed by what potentially lies ahead, and they should be.

Surely the NCAA rulemakers must know how much of a distraction this can be to a young athlete, yet they’re still willing to let it happen.

Maybe the college coaches will be able to police this themselves.  Or, more likely they won’t.  And for those coaches that think this is a bad idea, if they want to keep up with the recruiting battles, they’ll be forced to turn up the heat on young prospective athletes as well.

Young athletes have enough to worry about.  Now the NCAA is going to allow college coaches to turn up the heat and you know they will.  It’s going to be interesting what this decision will do to the recruiting process.

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