February 10, 2016

Walker keeping quiet on Medicaid plans

Governor Scott Walker is offering few details about the future of Wisconsin Medicaid programs.

Citing insider sources, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Christian Schneider claimed Tuesday that that the governor plans to turn down federal money to expand Medicaid while tightening eligibility limits, pushing more people into the federal health purchasing exchange system. Speaking to reporters during a stop in Madison, Walker would not confirm if that was true, only saying his decision is in line with his goals for entitlement programs.

AUDIO: Governor Scott Walker (:20)

Walker says he wants to reduce the number of people who are uninsured, but he also hopes to reduce the number of people dependent on the government.

The governor is expected to present his plan for the future of Medicaid programs during a speech later this afternoon, along with proposed reforms to other programs, such as food stamps and unemployment compensation insurance.

Democrats and health care advocates have been calling on the governor in recent weeks to accept federal money to expand Medicaid programs. They argue it would result in massive savings for the state. However, Walker and other Republicans claim the stability of long-term federal funding is questionable and states could end up paying a greater share of the costs down the road.

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