February 9, 2016

Deputy cleared in inmate shooting

The Walworth County district attorney has ruled that a sheriff’s deputy did nothing wrong when he killed a suspect who was trying to escape from a hospital in Elkhorn. D.A. Daniel Necci said Officer Richard Lagle was acting in self-defense when he shot Alfredo Villareal five times on January 21st.

The 18-year-old Villareal was taken to the hospital after he was found bleeding and unconscious in his jail cell. While in a room after treatment, Lagle unshackled the inmate’s leg so he could use the bathroom. According to a letter from the D.A., Villareal kicked Lagle in the face while returning to his bed, prompting a struggle that moved in to the hallway. The deputy attempted to use a Taser, but the end broke off and then Villareal ran back in to his hospital room, slamming the door. When the officer entered with his gun drawn, Villareal charged at him with a chair raised above his head, prompting Lagle to open fire.

The D.A. determined that Lagle was “attempting to prevent himself and others from being attacked with potentially deadly force” and found that a jury would be unlikely to rule otherwise.

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