February 14, 2016

DPW drops spokesman over Dahmer-Walker comparison

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin has demoted its chief spokesman.

Spokesman Graeme Zielinski was removed from his position Monday, following a series of tweets last week in which he compared Governor Scott Walker to Milwaukee serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

Zielinski was reacting to news that a long-running John Doe investigation into Walker’s office when he was Milwaukee County executive had ended without any charges filed against the governor. Several former aides to Walker were convicted under the probe on charges ranging from embezzlement to illegal campaigning.

Zielinski later apologized to both Walker and Dahmer’s murder victims.

Asked about the comments last week, Walker brushed off the comparison to Dahmer and Zielinski’s behavior, describing the long-time party spokesman as “pretty insignificant.”

Zielinski lost a week’s pay and will remain with the Democratic Party as a media adviser, but he won’t be able to speak for the party on Twitter.

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