February 13, 2016

Lawrence professor knows pope

A  professor from Lawrence University in Appleton has a connection to Pope Francis. Gustavo Farez is from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and he’s known the pope for several years. He says his cousin is a Jesuit priest, and he used to study under Cardinal Jorge Bergolio. He says he would see the cardinal every time he would visit.

Farez says he’s a good man who isn’t afraid to speak the truth to power. He says the pope also put an emphasis on serving the poor. While he was a cardinal, the pope lived as a common man in Argentina, staying in an apartment and taking the bus to work, instead of using all of the amenities that the church would have provided.

Farez says he’s sure there’s a lot of celebrating in Argentina right now. He says soon after the announcement was made, he heard the cathedral in Buenos Aires was filled with people, praying for Pope Francis.


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