February 8, 2016

Ryan emphasizes urgency in balancing budget

House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan preached to the choir this morning as he addressed the nation’s largest conservative gathering, CPAC. At moments, Ryan’s speech shifted from humor to seriousness, as he talked about a looming fiscal crisis and his proposed budget.

“This has been a really big week: we got white smoke from the Vatican and we got a budget from the Senate,” Ryan said as the audience laughed.

It was the first budget passed by the Democratic-controlled chamber in three years. The Janesville Republican said the Senate Democrats proposal calls for a trillion-dollar tax hike and more spending.

Ryan also highlighted the nation’s current rate unemployment rate of 7.7 percent while 46 million Americans live in poverty. “This president says we are in a recovery; I say we are in critical care,” he said

The Wisconsin Congressman is architect of a plan he says will balance the budget in 10 years. He told the crowd that balancing the budget will promote a healthier economy and create jobs.

Earlier this week, a day after Ryan made his plans public, Democratic Senate Budget Chair Patty Murray proposed smaller cuts in deficits with both spending reductions in tax hikes.

AUDIO: Brian Moon reports (1:03)



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