February 12, 2016

Dems delay vote on Milwaukee Co. Board bill

Democrats in the Wisconsin Assembly on Wednesday delayed a final vote on a controversial measure designed to limit the powers of the Milwaukee County Board and give voters there the ability to cut supervisors pay.

Milwaukee Democrats took the lead in Wednesday’s floor debate on a motion to table the bill, and on amendments to it.
“I have great faith that changes that need to be made in Milwaukee County can be made at a local level,” said Representative Sandy Pasch. “And I think that your constituents would want you to spend time on getting them back to work.”
The bill, from West Allies Republican and former County Supervisor Joe Sanfelippo,  includes a provision to allow the pay of the 19 member board to be cut in half, if approved in a county-wide referendum. Sanfelippo said the board has been unable to reform itself.
“What this bill reminds me of is the degree of hypocrisy,” said Representative Fred Kessler. “This isn’t a conservative bill, this is a radical bill.
While the Democrats were able to delay a vote on the bill through a procedural objection, the legislation will be back before the Assembly next month. It’s also gained the support of GOP leadership in the state Senate.

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