February 14, 2016

Powerball dreams for record jackpot

There’s a record Powerball jackpot up for grabs. Andrew Bohage with the Wisconsin Lottery says the jackpot for Saturday night’s drawing, driven by brisk ticket sales, will be somewhere north of $600 million, up from around $475 million on Wednesday night. “I would not be at all surprised that by the time we get through Saturday’s sales, that number comes in ten, twenty, maybe forty million higher than that,” he said.

Bohage counsels spending a couple of bucks and having some fun thinking about winning – while bearing in mind the astronomical odds. “There never is any good reason to spend a lot of money on these games. Even if you spent tens or hundreds or even thousands of dollars on tickets, you’re not going to change your odds so dramatically that you would have a real impact on this game.”

Lottery employees are barred from playing, but Bohage said they still get excited over the prospect of a big winner coming from Wisconsin. “We don’t get to play, so our version of the big dream is “it’s $600 million, boy what would it be like if it’s a Wisconsin player?” Everybody else is dreaming about the cash, and we’re just dreaming about where they come from.”


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