February 9, 2016

Search for state’s oldest fridge

Have you got Wisconsin’s oldest fridge? A contest to find the state’s oldest refrigerator has seen hundreds of households getting their old fridges recycled through Focus on Energy. The old refrigerators from around the state are piling up at a storage facility in Franklin. Up to 60 have been set aside as candidates for the oldest refrigerator still in use, some dating back to the 1930’s and maybe earlier. They’ll be judged in September, and the winner will receive $1,000 dollars.

“We have a couple of people who will probably have to do a little research,” to determine a winner, said Sarah Platt, director of marketing and communications for Focus on Energy.

Everyone who enters gets their old fridge picked up and recycled for free. The goal is to recycle 16,000 old fridges. About 11,000 have been retired so far. “A lot of them can be real energy hogs,” said Platt.


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