April 18, 2015

Pocan says government shutdown unlikely (AUDIO)

A Wisconsin Congressman remains confident a deal will be reached in Washington to avoid a government shutdown.

If Congress fails to agree on a resolution funding the government before September 30th, the nation could see a widespread stoppage of vital services. U.S. Representative Mark Pocan (D-WI) says that could cause widespread damage to the nation’s economy, although he remains optimistic that a deal will be reached before it happens.

Speaking to the Wisconsin Counties Association on Tuesday, Pocan said the debate is “not entirely a question of Democrats versus Republicans. It’s really a question, in my opinion, of the adults and some of the extremists.”

The Madison Democrat says a group of about three dozen lawmakers are holding the rest of Congress hostage, and just “like to get to the very brink of collapse.”

AUDIO: Rep. Mark Pocan (1:33)

Pocan believes a deal will be worked out, although it might not come until the last minute. If they don’t though, Pocan says there will be very serious ramifications for the country.