February 13, 2016

DOT cautions Halloween drivers

Drunk driving on Halloween is really scary. It’s a holiday that’s become as much about adults as kids, and that means adult celebrations. Dave Pabst with the state Department of Transportation warns that getting behind the wheel after drinking is a scary thing to do. “It’s so much easier to designate and have a plan and know who’s going to be the designated driver,” Pabst said.

Half the fatal Halloween night crashes in Wisconsin involve drinking and driving. And with kids trick or treating and step up law enforcement efforts, there’s really no reason to make the mistake. “Remember, even if you have just ‘a little buzz,’ that’s drunk driving,” Pabst said.

There’s even an app for designated drivers. The DOT’s Zero In Wisconsin program’s Drive Sober mobile app can help designate a sober driver or find a safe ride home on Halloween.


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