February 6, 2016

Conservation Congress voters back trolling, ban on deer baiting

The results of the spring Conservation Congress hearings are in, following the annual hearings that were held Monday night in all 72 counties across the state.

State Department of Natural Resources liaison Kari Lee-Zimmermann says more than 7,000 people took part in the voting on a wide range of fishing and hunting-related issues. Those that gained a majority of support included banning deer baiting and feeding 10 days before the November gun hunt and allowing motor trolling on lakes statewide. Issues rejected by voters included a tundra swan hunting season and legalizing the harvest of white and albino deer.

Lee-Zimmermann says it’s an opportunity for the state and the public to get a “better feel” about the support that’s out there for these possible changes in the future.

All of the votes are advisory. Outside of a proposed rule-change on trolling, all of the other issues included on the ballot would require legislative action.

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