February 14, 2016

State releases regulations for 2014 wolf hunt

Photo: DNR

Photo: DNR

The latest hunting and trapping regulations for Wisconsin have been released, including the upcoming wolf season.

DNR’s Wildlife Regulations Policy Specialist Scott Loomans says not much has changed for wolf hunters this fall. “There have not been any significant regulation changes this year, and actually the season dates are the same as previous years. It will be October 15th through the end of February unless the quota in a unit is filled first.”

Loomans says that’s a good thing and it shows that both the state and the public are getting their bearings around the hunt in general. “We’re settling into a rhythm and the wolf season is becoming something that’s just an annual event that we’re getting accustomed to in this state.”

If you’re looking for a copy of this year’s wolf hunt guidelines, Loomans says you’ll have to wait, or head online right now. “They’re on our website already, and people who drew harvest permits will be getting a copy of the regulations pamphlet in the mail shortly.”

The resident hunting licenses for wolf will cost $49.00 and nonresidents will pay $251.00.

Wolf harvest quotas will be down a bit this fall. DNR officials had predicted earlier a 19 percent decline in the wolf population before last winter. While the number of wolves is down from the 2013 count, the population is still nearly double the current goal of 350 wolves.


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