February 12, 2016

Uthoff free to contact any school outside the Big Ten

The University of Wisconsin has lifted several restrictions originally placed on freshman forward Jarrod Uthoff today.  Uthoff is now

Bo Ryan

free to contact any school outside the Big Ten Conference.

Uthoff met today with associate athletic director Justin Doherty and athletic director Barry Alvarez.  Doherty and Alvarez then met with UW basketball coach Bo Ryan and decided to lift the restrictions for all schools outside of the Big Ten. 

The University provided a synopsis of the transfer and appeal process as it pertained to Uthoff this afternoon.  It claimed that the number of schools reported to be restricted (25) had been overstated. 

According to UW officials, Uthoff requested permission to contact 16 schools, four of which were denied.  Uthoff then appealed three of the four schools that were denied.

If Uthoff wants to transfer to another Big Ten school and receive an athletic scholarship, he can appeal to the chairperson of the UW athletic board. 

Bo Ryan told ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike  that because he had never spoken in person to Uthoff about the transfer, he wanted to force the appeals process to learn why Uthoff wanted to leave the program.

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