February 12, 2016

Lang gets $5.5-million signing bonus

Green Bay Packers left guard T.J. Lang started 2012 in a contract year.  He

TJ Lang

talked before training camp started about his desire to get a contract extension. 

The two sides made it happen on Tuesday when Lang signed a 4-year extension worth $20.8-million and a signing bonus of $5.5-million.

AUDIO: GM Ted Thompson on giving Lang the extension :20

Lang could have waited things out and probably received more money had he tested free agency.  But Lang decided security was more important, so he and his agent pushed for the early deal.

AUDIO: Lang wanted to get the deal done before the season started :13

Lang was up early on Tuesday, getting over to Lambeau Field to sign his deal.  He now has security for his family.  The first thing he wants to do is take care of his mother.

AUDIO: Lang will spend some money on his mother :16

Lang entered last season in what he called a make or break season.  Either win a starting job or possibly face unemployment.  T.J. said he re-dedicated himself, did all the right things on and off the field and it paid off.

Now Lang will be with the Packers through the 2016 season. 

The Packers still have other contracts to extend.  The list includes Greg Jennings, Aaron Rodgers, B.J. Raji and Clay Matthews.  It’ll be interesting to see if the Packers have enough cash to extend all of those deals.

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