February 11, 2016

Packers look to control Watt and his hands

With hands that measure over 11 inches long, arms at 34 inches, and a 6’5 frame, the Houston Texans’ J.J. Watt is a defensive force the

J.J. Watt

Green Bay Packers must control Sunday night.

Watt currently trails Clay Matthews for the NFL sack lead, entering Sunday’s game with seven and a half sacks.  Packers right tackle Bryan Bulaga said Watt reminds him of Matthews on the field.

AUDIO: Bulaga says Watt is like Matthews :24

Head coach Mike McCarthy describes Watt and the defensive line of the Texans to be “an excellent challenge” for the Packers.

AUDIO: McCarthy on J.J. Watt :11

A major key to offensive production will be keeping Watt’s hands down and away from Rodger’s passing lanes.  Watt has knocked down eight passes this season, three of them being intercepted by Watt’s teammates.  Bulaga said there is a way to get Watt’s hands down.

AUDIO: Bulaga on how to keep Watt’s hands down :10

J.J. Watt says he began practicing deflecting passes when he moved from Central Michigan University to the Wisconsin Badgers in 2008 and he’s been working hard to perfect his craft ever since.

AUDIO: Watt on his ability to knock down passes :19

If the Packers are going to avoid a 2-4 start they’re going to have to play well in a number of areas.  Holding J.J. Watt in check would be a big step in the right direction.

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