February 11, 2016

A reminder on snow blower safety

WRN file photo

It’s a common occurrence in storms like this: people losing fingers in snow blowers.

Brian Mamerow, an emergency room doctor at St. Mary’s Hospital in Madison, says it’s a problem they tend to see happen quite a bit during the first major snowfall of the year. He says people ignore common sense when their snow blower gets clogged, and try to clear it by hand. When the snow is dislodged, the blade may start spinning again and seriously injure a person’s hand.

AUDIO: Dr. Mamerow (:22)

Mamerow says it’s best to use a broom handle or other stick to try and clear any obstructions. Even if a snow blower is shut off, he says there’s still a chance it could injure you.

John Colbert, WIBA

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