February 9, 2016

Blue hopes to hear his name Thursday

It was a move that caught a lot of people by surprise.  Vander Blue’s name wasn’t on many mock drafts but still the Junior decided to to forgo his Senior season and enter the 2013 NBA Draft.

Blue has spent the recent weeks on the workout tour including a stop in Milwaukee last week.  Blue’s approach to everything; it only takes one…

AUDIO: Vander Blue says the goal is to make one team love you :08This year’s draft will be a tough one to predict.  There is no clear cut #1 overall choice as has been the case in recent years.  This will make things interesting along the way for fringe guys like Blue who could go as high as the late first round but could also hear nothing during the draft.

AUDIO: Vander Blue on this draft being wide open :15

Marquette is on a run of three straight years with a player being drafted:  Jae Crowder (2012), Jimmy Butler (2011) & Lazar Hayward (2010).  Blue had his best season with Marquette this past year averaging 14.8 points per game.

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