February 6, 2016

McCarthy using TV timeout format during early stages of Training Camp

Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy continues to try to reduce the number of injuries to his team during training camp.  The most noticeable

Mike McCarthy

Mike McCarthy

during the first couple of days of training camp has been taking mini-timeouts during practice and playing music to simulate the TV timeouts taken in an NFL game.

The plan has included some players wearing monitors to track their heart rates, going from all out practicing to a 2-minute break.

AUDIO: Mike McCarthy on his in-practice timeout plan :21

The players don’t mind the breaks because it allows them a couple of minutes of rest.

AUDIO: Aaron Rodgers reaction to McCarthy going with music during practice breaks :11

Rodgers said bottom line, they trust in their coach.  Whatever Mike McCarthy comes up with, if he thinks it’ll help them stay healthier and win more games, then so be it.

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