August 31, 2015

Fond du Lac police face two stand-offs in one day

Police respond to the scene of a stand-off in Fond du Lac (Photo: KFIZ)

Police respond to the scene of a stand-off in Fond du Lac (Photo: KFIZ)

Fond du Lac Police dealt with two despondent men in separate incidents in the City Friday, with both being resolved peacefully.

First, a 19-year-old man made threats at a nail salon, prompting an employee to call police. The suspect had a handgun, but did not use it. Fond du Lac Police Chief Bill Lamb says his officers responded appropriately. He called it a “great example of some very highly dedicated, highly skilled police officers responding and very quickly taking control of what could have been a very dangerous situation.”

Later in the day, police blocked of an area of the city after a man claimed to have access to weapons and threatened to shoot officers if they approached where he was staying. Assistant Chief Steve Klein says the man was taken into custody after about two hours without incident. No weapons were found.

Bob Nelson, KFIZ

Two people dead inside car that crashed into Green Bay business

Image: FOX 11

Image: FOX 11

Green Bay police say two people have been found dead inside a car that slammed into a business, causing a fire early Thursday. It happened around 2 a.m. at Hernandez Tire Shop on Irwin Avenue.

The owner of the business said the vehicle found inside doesn’t belong to the shop or any employees. The car was carefully removed from the unsound structure around noon Thursday.

Investigators believe the car was travelling at a high rate of speed westbound on Radisson Street when it crashed into the building. Police continue to secure the scene, and an autopsies will be performed. The shop owner said the building is a total loss.


Pleasant Prairie man survives accidentally shooting himself

(File photo: WRN)

(File photo: WRN)

Police say a Pleasant Prairie man was airlifted to a Milwaukee hospital Thursday morning, after accidentally shooting himself in the chest Wednesday evening and spending the night lying in his driveway. A neighbor spotted the 67-year-old man just before 6:30 Thursday morning and called for help.

Police and paramedics found the man in his driveway lying next to a utility vehicle. He told officers that he had gone out at dusk Wednesday evening to hunt coyotes when his ATV struck a tree. His gun went off, and the bullet hit him in the chest. He apparently collapsed in his driveway, unable to move or call for help, until his neighbor found him. While his injury is serious, he is expected to survive.


Oshkosh Defense tapped to build new military vehicle

PHOTO: Oshkosh Defense

PHOTO: Oshkosh Defense

A major military contract could help create new jobs in northeastern Wisconsin.

Oshkosh Defense was awarded a $6.7 billion US Military contract on Tuesday to build the next generation of armored vehicle to replace the Humvee. The deal calls for the company to produce 17,000 vehicles by 2018, although the order could grow to $30 billion and 55,000 vehicles over the next eight years.

Jerry Murphy is the executive director of New North, an economic development organization focused on the northeastern region of Wisconsin. He says the deal is great news for Oshkosh and surrounding areas, with the added business likely helping to secure jobs at the defense contractor and its suppliers for several years.

Oshkosh had previously cut nearly 2,000 jobs because of dwindling military orders. Murphy says this new contract should give them stability for several years. In addition to building the trucks, he notes the company will also bring in revenue through servicing the vehicles.


Spencer mom sentenced in murder for hire case

Klimmer mug shot

Klimmer mug shot

One of two Spencer women convicted in a murder for hire case will be going to prison for seven years. Shari Klimmer was sentenced to 7 years in prison and 9 years on extended supervision. The 46-year-old Klimmer pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit murder in May. One other count of conspiracy to commit murder was dropped as part of that plea agreement.

Prosecutors say Klimmer and her 22-year-old daughter Porcha Rizzi were targeting the fathers of Rizzi’s children. The two women met with informants in October of last year, and supplied photos, addresses, and vehicle descriptions of the men and said they wanted it done soon. One of the two intended victims was looking into changing child custody arrangements with Rizzi and wanted to move out of state. Rizzi is due back in court for her own sentencing hearing September 22.