July 31, 2014

GOP candidates in 6th Congressional District meet for debate

The Republican candidates for the 6th Congressional District meet on state (Photo: KFIZ)

The Republican candidates for the 6th Congressional District meet on stage. (Photo: KFIZ)

The three candidates vying for the Republican nomination in Wisconsin’s 6th Congressional District met on stage Tuesday for a debate on issues ranging from Common Core to legalizing marijuana. State Representative Duey Stroebel (R-Saukville), along with state Senators Joe Leibham (R-Sheboygan) and Glenn Grothman (R-Campbellsport) are seeking the GOP nomination for the seat currently held by U.S. Representative Tom Petri (R-WI), who is retiring at the end of his current term.

Stroebel argued the out-of-control spending in Washington is the result of people who don’t say “no,” such as his opponents. He argued the “temperature in the kitchen is gonna get a lot hotter in Washington…than Madison, and we need strong conservative leaders.”

Stroebel referred to votes by Leibham and Grothman on budgets during Governor Jim Doyle’s administration. Grothman argued that, if Stroebel had done his homework, he would have realized that Republicans were in control of the Legislature for a portion of Doyle’s terms in office. “There were times in which Jim Doyle was the governor in which we had a Republican Legislature…and we did a good job of reining in the spending that Jim Doyle wanted to do in those budgets.”

Leibham said it was laughable to suggest he was a big spender, noting that he was among the lawmakers who focused on “getting the state’s fiscal house in order” during the 2010 budget process.

All three candidates also shared their positions on immigration, showing agreement on the idea of securing the nation’s borders. Grothman also voiced concerns that the United States has become a welfare magnet for the western hemisphere.

Grothman, Leibham, and Stroebel will face each other in the August 12 primary. The winner will go on to face Democrat Mark Harris, the Winnebago County executive, in the November general election.


Military cutbacks hurt Oshkosh Corporation

PHOTO: Oshkosh Defense

PHOTO: Oshkosh Defense

The leader of a Fox Valley business group says he’s not too concerned about a disappointing third-quarter economic report from the Oshkosh Corporation.

The company reported a 46 percent drop in sales for the defense division, and an overall earnings decline of 29 percent.

However, Oshkosh Area Chamber of Commerce president John Casper says other areas of the company improved, including a 27 percent sales boost in the commercial division. He hopes those sectors can eventually make up for a drop in U.S. military purchases.

Casper says if Oshkosh can win a contract to replace the military’s Humvees, in a couple of years, many of the losses would be offset.


State sets up animal feed trade mission

Wisconsin cows (File photo: Jackie Johnson)

Wisconsin cows (File photo: Jackie Johnson)

State agriculture officials are launching a new effort in the coming months to help farmers market their livestock feed internationally.

The Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer protection is getting ready to take part in a number of trade missions that will reach buyers from around the world. One in particular is set to coincide with the World Dairy Expo in Madison at the start of October. DATCP’s Jennifer Lu says producers will have a chance to market to overseas buyers with the help of state officials. “We’re expecting six international buyers from six different countries to come to Wisconsin to purchase our animal feed.”

Lu says an increased demand for meat in Asia is fueling an increased demand for value-added animal feed. “The population is growing, and they need more nutrition, and Wisconsin provides quality, consistency, and good value for our overseas markets.” But it’s not just corn and soy that they buyers are interested in, they’re looking for products that will improve the quality of their livestock. “Milk replacers, animal nutrition products, vitamins, whey protein, meat and bone meal, minerals all the good stuff to help the animals grow faster and better.”

Registration for the trade mission is required by August 19th. A discount is availabe with early registration by August 9th.


Armed dispute ends peacefully in Fond du Lac


File photo: WRN

Police in Fond du Lac say a SWAT team was called to a home this morning, after a woman fled the house and told officers that her husband held a gun to her head.

Fond du Lac Assistant Police Chief Steve Klein says a 28-year-old woman met with police at a Walgreen’s Store, saying she had been involved in an argument with her husband that turned dangerous. Klein says the woman told officers the man had held a handgun to her head, refusing to release her. She was eventually able to escape the home, but told officers that two young children were still inside with the man.

Klein says the SWAT team was called in because children were inside the house. He says police were able to eventually negotiate his surrender and there were no injuries. The suspect is now facing multiple felony charges.


Plea deal possible in cock fighting case



A plea deal may be in the works for a Weston man charged with running an illegal cock fighting operation. Bee Her, 35, is charged with seven felonies including animal fighting, mistreatment of animals, and multiple counts of running a gambling operation.

Police arrested him back in March after an anonymous tip lead to a raid at Her’s home, where they found wounded roosters used for fighting, $6,000 in cash, several guns, and evidence of illegal gambling activities including poker and gambling machines. A criminal complaint says he’s also got ties to a similar operation in Minnesota where charges are also pending.

A plea hearing is now set for August 15th in the case. Her is currently free on a $2,500 cash bond. Her faces a maximum of three and a half years in prison on each of the felony counts.